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Air Conditioner Installation/Replacement

Everybody’s been there. Summer’s finally here and the sun is out, however your air conditioning system has been struggling to produce the cold, crisp air that we all enjoy while inside the home or office. It can be far too easy to have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach when it comes to routine maintenance on A/C systems, however regular maintenance is what prevents your air conditioning unit from incurring costly repairs. In fact, regular A/C maintenance can actually improve your air quality. You see, over time as you use your air conditioning system, dirt and debris become collected within and are then released inside of your home. This can lead to difficulty breathing, especially in children. Reliable Comfort Heating & Cooling recommends scheduled maintenance on your A/C system to prevent air contamination and expensive repair costs.


With that being said, there comes a time in any piece of equipment’s life that takes heavy use where it is time to be replaced altogether. When your air conditioning system does need to be replaced, you want an A/C unit that is going to give you the same number of years of comfort or more that your last system did. Reliable Comfort Heating & Cooling uses only quality and reliable brands and parts to ensure this is the case.

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